Nail Art 005 – Variety Pack

I created three looks this past week with two based on glue-on nails.

I created the first look with clear gel over glue-on nails as a building base. I then topped it with a pink shimmer lacquer, a coarse glitter, and alternated regular and matte top coats. I used quick dry drops to set the lacquer faster.

Guava Slushy

This second look was shorter, as I filed the nail base to fit a new shape and length. I used a metallic brown lacquer, waiting for the polish to be mostly dry to touch before randomly rubbing some chrome powders on. Then I applied layers of clear polish on top with stickers between.
I used a sticky base lacquer applied with a dotting tool to set the stones onto the top coat, and more of the metallic polish as an accent.
I used quick dry drops to set the polish.


The third look was with my natural nail. I used soak-off gel, stickers, and a glitter lacquer.


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