Arthur the Author

He said it was painful to see me so
That tears and hurt weren’t his final goal
He leaned in and said he could see what’s best
Asked if I had now learnt it or still contest

He whispered softly how it was me
How all I needed to do was agree
Then he said not to tell a soul
That the world hated me;
It could never know

Not an ear was waiting outside my door
Those who saw understood it just had to be so

And who knew how deeply he felt for me
I had lashes and bruise; but how could they possibly see?

No, this here was born out of care
None else would know and still wish me there

So he said I had to hide the pain
After all, who was it but I to blame

He said it was painful to see me so
Said tears and pain weren’t his final goal
Asked me not to tell a soul
I nodded
Only then would he let me go

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