It is finally spring
With dancing on the ground 
And it’s the shadow of me 
Just me
He sees me as I am 
I know bliss in this

Eery, with a dash of fright
And I do try to please
But he knows it all
And gives wind to this
What can I do but not doubt

‘Should let it go
This on my mind
It’s not a thing to miss
But those who are dissatisfied wince
Saying here is your dream,
What’s this?

Brother, brother
Why are you so daft? 
“Sister” , wrecked it
Not easy to get back
A new page, you say
To turn a leaf
And we strut
And I take the heat

Some ask if I remember 
They ask how it can be
They frown at how those who have much
Can just get more for free

I’m asked if I feel foolish 
Like a creature on a leash
They wonder how I am living
Now that all I do is agree 

But fear and love don’t tango
Lest someone fail or fall
And I’ve known monsters
And incomprehensible terror
There’s no reason to fear you at all

You see, 
I’m thoughtful
My joys cliché
I can take the hurt you give

But I know love that’s perfect
Is patient
And for this
I go; I’ll live

But you, still young
So infantile
You refuse to let it go
I’m standing still
Right next to you
And you still can’t stand my no

You promise to kick and scream
Say you don’t have to stay
I wish you’d try to understand 
How that keeps me away

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