The Play / He Said

That kite is flying away now,
Do you still want to play?
Came all this way for the breeze,
Can you still look my way?

Your hair blows so gently
And your eyes flutter so,
And for you to smile is a prize.

I once let go of the rope;
It slipped right past my grasp.
For a moment it seemed, at least to me
That all my joys were passed;
And another, sometime, perhaps even now,
Would love what I had loved;
And these words caught here, twist and tied
Would lie right where they are.

That stammer and scream
Wouldn’t take me back.
That bones once whole
Would then crush me as I am.
Then sky would dim on the brightest day;
And a note would I write as I slipped away.

The laughter resounds
And the ground it seems, is now moving back in place.
As the curtains close on that extravagant display
That now is like made up names.

My last tear drops
And he says to me:

I hear you like to play.
Came all this way for the breeze.
You look very nice today.

And we carry on with my smile
For what He said.

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