To Them / Is it?

Did you find what you were looking for?
Here or there?
What can I do for you?
The same or some other?
Where are you coming from?
In simple direction?

I know, but now do I tell
Where it’s neither there nor here
The same but in another time
Where my posture is strained
And is to you a piece of art

Did I find it
Would I show you to look
And retain by you
A stream familiar, not new
Did you acknowledge that before
And it’s share here today
What, will I stay
Affixed to revisit a dream

Mist to water on glass
With the humming
Greetings, smiles fading fast
Steps and space
Outstretch this maze
Addressing yet forgetting
Both you
And I

Cares left falling
Wheels and flash
Gaps left attended
Memoirs cast
One for the day
And you’re still away
But the notes you signed
Play well your part

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