There It Went / The Wait

There she stood aghast alert
Still she stood till crowds had left
A choo choo sounding far away
And just one more to end the day

It’s better in the shade she said
Shifting slowly to her left
So there she stood
With no one else
Awaiting someone to expect

Again the engines roaring say
Today perhaps might be that day
To see what pended still for her
And see more than this end of line

But thoughts demanded yet this far
That sense again eluded her
And missed him probably by a hair
But sure not he was ever there

Watching clocks unwind
Hearing footsteps fade
Taking in the scene
Till she sees them close the gate
The girl sure not to waste
What a space she took this day
And she chose again
To loll back
Lounging even in the shade

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