The Dry Noodle And The Elbow

It has been a long day, thought Harry.
He put his umbrella on the floor and his bag to follow.
At least I ordered dinner tonight.

Bark! Bark!
Ring! Ring!
Ha ha!

Such thin walls. Only a few months to go, I hope.
Tossing the control, he turned his attention to his own TV.

“…And finally we can see that the efforts being made are not at all for nothing…”

His food was here.

What was that?
A quaint shadow paused briefly over his sink.
Oh… only the neighbors’ cat
, he thought as he closed the window with a sigh.


“Ouch!” Screamed Harry.

What was that?! He asked, grabbing his elbow.
Laying on his counter was a short, dried up noodle.

Buzz! Buzz!

“Hey! Fried noodle and soup for five?”
“Ah… no. Next door.”

Closing the door, Harry looked around at his two roomed apartment. He rubbed his elbow and made his way slowly to a seat.

Ah! That noodle really hit my elbow sensitive spot!

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