The Hammer And The Spade

It was raining more than it had in recent weeks. Jon, Ray and Andy stood against a wall watching the rain fall. Jon, as one who were bound; Ray as though in protest; and Andy counting the drops down from an unknown value hoping it be over as his reward.

None said a word. After all they had been walking for a while with each long fond of the others’ stories. Each could trace back date and time from their very first meeting. Each could recite the others’ tale with heartwarming zeal and persuading conviction. Each felt with tears that all moments before then were worth forgetting, and every moment then on had new meaning. Each had felt confident they could do anything with the others by their side, and not one person less.

Jon was the first to ask, a few days before then, about the reality of their progress. He had suggested that perhaps an assumption of success in later times was depriving them of addressing their lack of it now. He was growing increasingly alarmed at the futility of their talks and the major lapses of time between them. He had suggested that their preference for planning had perhaps been therapeutic, but did little in proving it’s use. He had asked if they knew what he had meant by that idea.

Ray listened intently for cues on their next motto. Organized words were often troublesome, like a denial of the wonderful gift of surprise. Analysis and memory were often pushed aside as expired as unfiltered circumstances were given the day. Occasionally rewards were offered, giving priority to a sense of freedom from perfection and passive quest for skill. He often chose the option furthest from the conventional, placing his own word on it. Analysis of the present seemed quite unnecessary.

Andy observed. He listened to the news, he read maps, he remembered names. He found saying less gave him an avenue to do more. His cautious approach to new ideas sometimes went unnoticed and his expressed desire to explore unappreciated. He watched Jon, and Ray. He recalled the five ideas Ray had that had seemed important at the time. He had considered Jon’s idea. He knew what it would take; one vote agreed on, one skill to do, and one time to actually do it.

Though he assumed there was a chance in the future, reality had become increasingly demanding as his abilities greatly conflicted with the possibility of his meeting further demands. Exhausted from inactivity and lack of attention, Andy had learnt to devote his time to action that had a benefit on both his friends, and his health.

“What do we do now?” asked Andy as the skies cleared.

“Anything. We’re here, and the town is ours!” responded Ray. “What do you think Jon?”

“Let’s get some snacks. It’s almost 2pm.”

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